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The magic behind Crane Game

"There seems to be a magic behind the game...", said Mr MC

The birth of MightyCraneGame

Everyone, who likes to travel to Japan for fun, probably has played the physical crane games before at one of the Game Arcades. It could be the toy figures, candies, puff toys, or remote cars that you are looking for. It could be none of that and you simply want to try your luck and show off in front of your friends.

Regardless of your reason of playing the Crane Game, there seems to be a magic behind the game that make you want to play again and again.

On an occasion, I was introduced Mighty Catcher. They are the technology leader who are able to bring the traditional Crane Game On-line. With some marketing research, I notice that there is a great potential with the on-line Crane Game segment. Not to mention, you could cash out your reward with the actual shipping or transfer of XPT reward point.

I took the opportunity to become the franchisee and established the MightyCraneGame at FB for my on-line Crane Game business. During the process, I have learned a lot with the franchisor. If you want to have a start-up experience on-line, you might want to consider to be a franchisee.

To learn more, please visit

MightyCraneGame at

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